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How to deal with big changes in your life

We all know that changes happen all the time.Sometimes we look forward to change and sometimes we dread change.Change is what make life interesting and help us to grow and learn. Sometimes change is good and sometimes it is bad, but most of the time there is some good and bad in every situation.

1-Focus on what will stay the same and remind yourself that you will still be you.

You are not only your job, a partner, a parent or a child. Your focus might be on only one aspect of you, but stand back and see the whole picture.

2-Control your own emotions, decisions and plans.

Do not waist your energy to try and control the emotions, decisions and plans of other people.

3- Be prepared .

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Know your strengths and weaknesses and utilize them in the best way possible.

4-Open your Mind

Adapt to your new situation as soon as possible. Learn to think what you are thinking about and evaluate if the thought is helping you to move on ,or to stay stuck.

5- Take one step at a time

Find joy in the little things and tackle big problems in small parts.

"Little by little, a little become a lot"


Stand back and see the big picture

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