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How to destress ?

Stress is a normal reaction the body has to respond to change.

This reaction can be physical,mental, emotional , or all of this combined.

Generally this is a good thing that helps us to react in a way to protect ourselves.

Sometimes we become stuck in this state and then it can lead to depression,anxiety,stomach ulcers and heart attacks.

How do I know my stress is not normal anymore?

If you have long term problems with sleep, headaches, tiredness,indigestion or emotional well being it is time to do something.

What to do?

Stop and realize that what you are experiencing is an reaction to what you are thinking.

Decide if you need to change what you are thinking about or the way you are thinking about the problem, person or idea.

Do a risk assessment and keep the worst and best outcome in mind.( The true outcome will most probably be something in between).

Remember there is a time for everything. Is this the time to focus on the problem at hand or not?

Love yourself and others. Remember to find joy in the little things.

If you can not get unstuck by yourself seek help.

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